Friday, May 18, 2012

Pomp & Circumstance

I've been absent from my little corner of the blog world lately, and I'm starting to miss it already. I've just been super busy getting stuff ready for our Senior Recognition Sunday at church this upcoming Sunday. I've been making a PowerPoint slideshow of pictures of 13 seniors who we will recognize this Sunday. They've included some cute little baby pictures, all the way up to their formal senior portrait - and all are precious. I've also been making a fancy insert of all their information, plans, accomplishments and activities during high school. It's been a lot of work, and honestly I'll be glad when it's all finished and I can move on to other things instead!

I'm so looking forward to congratulating them that morning, and celebrating with them on Sunday night! Because we are taking them out to a fancy dinner at Osaka Japanese Hibachi restaurant. So yummy! And those places are always so much fun to watch them cook right in front of you with their silly jokes and cool tricks.

But Sunday morning will be special and exciting - and I get to bust out my old robes and graduation paraphernalia. Our two associate Pastor's, as well as our youth pastor and myself are all dressing in our graduation regalia on Sunday morning to match the seniors in theirs as well. We will all walk into the church in a little procession to the good ol' Pomp & Circumstance, and I will relive this time six years ago when I did the same thing as a high school senior at BFBC. (Although then it was still in our old building, so the seniors all sat in the choir loft since the church was so tiny!)

It's going to be funny for us to be in our graduation garb as well, but it will also be fun! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this recognition ceremony, and more importantly a part of these teenagers' lives! I love my youth so much, and am so proud of the seniors about to graduate!

And for a tiny trip down memory lane, here are two photos from my Senior Sunday back in 2006!

Best friend Callie, and our good friend Jarred on Senior Sunday 2006.

This girl is pretty awesome, and I'm glad she's my friend - both then and now!

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