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Passionate Mama

Happy Mother's Day! This day is so fun spent with family and most especially honoring what a wonderful Mama I've been blessed with. To celebrate this day of recognizing our mother's, I have a special post straight from my favoritest mother - my very own Mama. She is such an awesome lady, and I hope I can one day be as good of a mother as she was and still is to me. She is such a Passionate Mama, and most especially about her girls! I am so thankful for her, and love her so very much!

I asked her to answer a special set of ABC's I wrote just for her, but all of her answers are based on when she was the same age as I am now! Some of her answers are funny, some are serious and some are surprising (because I didn't know that before, i.e. her Interesting Fact listed below). I admire her for all she is and does for our family and many more reasons. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I do! It's a little longer than my usual posts, but that's fine, and definitely worth a read!

Age: 24, and almost 3/4s!
Best memory: The best memories I have are of times that I just sat in the floor and played with Halie, or took her to the park. It wasn’t about doing anything fancy, it was about being with her—that’s what mattered. I’d have to say the most precious memory is the nightly prayer we started saying when Halie moved from her crib to her big-girl bed. We said that prayer every single night for so many years. And she wouldn’t go to sleep without it. Then later, it became the prayer that was said for Megan too.
Cooking: I loved cooking dinner every night. Tried many things, made some things better than others, and learned what worked and what didn't.The hardest part about cooking was getting it ready while also tending to a 2-year-old!
Dealing with:  The demands of working and having enough energy to keep working when I got home!
Expecting: Wow—just hit me as I was trying to think back on what I was expecting when I was 24…I was “Expecting” Megan Secille Trammell (although at that point, even though I knew I was having another girl, she was not yet named).
Favorite Color: Purple
Greatest accomplishment: Wasn't there then, and still not there yet. My greatest accomplishment will be achieved when I stand before my Lord and Savior one day and He says to me “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
Hobbies: No time for hobbies…I was busy chasing a 2-year-old (the author of this blog) around the house! Best I could do was sneak in a crossword puzzle or two while she was napping! And somewhere there are several unfinished cross-stitch projects that just fell by the wayside because they were so much less important than my baby was.
Interesting fact: I had a (borrowed) .357 Magnum…for safety reasons of course!
Job: Assistant to the Statewide Prosecutor at the Florida Attorney General's office.
Kids: Halie Renee Trammell, born January 29, 1988, by C-section, after 16 hours of labor and Dr. Clements telling me I was going to have to go home and come back the next day! I told him “No, I came to have a baby today, we’re having a baby today.” Uncle Keith heard that, went back to the waiting room and told Grandmother that everybody better start praying. Not long after that my water broke but things didn’t progress. My blood pressure spiked, the baby was in stress, and Dr. Clements decided we had to do a C-Section.  Mine was the 7th he’d had to do that day—and he had it done in 7 minutes!
Learning: That there’s nothing quite like being a mom; nothing that compares with the overwhelming feeling of joy (despite anything else that might have happened) that you get when you pick your child up and they wrap their little arms around your neck and hug you tight, and they are so incredibly happy to see you. And for that moment, everything is right with the world and nothing else matters!
Movies: I didn't have time to go to movies. We watched movies at home—the movies that she, the 2-year-old, wanted to watch.  Which was, by the way, The Little Mermaid!  Imagine that Ariel is still her favorite Disney princess to this day! We watched Rock-A-Doodle quite a lot also!
Nicknames: Family nicknames: “Little One” or “Sissy”; Friends called me “Ames” (some still do!)
Obsessed with: Didn’t really have any obsessions when I was 24—at least not that I can recall.
Pet Peeves: Where should I begin with these?!  Seriously though, would have been the same back then as it is today…CRUNCHING…ice, chips, candy, etc.  Ask anyone close to me, and even some who aren’t close to me, they’ll tell you! I simply cannot tolerate it!!
Quick fact: I was once told by one of my bosses that he “felt comfortable to burp and fart in front of me!” (And it just might have been the boss mentioned above.)
Realizing: Realizing that for all intents and purposes I was already a single parent.
Songs: This one’s a no brainer…“When I Call Your Name” by Vince Gill.
TV Shows: 48 Hours, 20/20, China Beach, The Cosby Show, L.A. Law.
Unaware of: How drastically my life, and the lives of my daughters, would change over the course of time; and the fact that even though things were pretty bad for a number of years,  that wouldn’t be how our story would end.
Vehicle: Red Toyota 4-Runner (don’t remember what model year it was).
What you wore: Nothing good I’m sure. I wasn't a fashion maven or anything even remotely close!
X-rays: I can’t remember having any X-rays during this time period oh so many years ago!
Zoo animal: Really? Zoo animal? Oh good grief…

And of course we scrounged up some old school pictures to scan in and include in the post! All are from 1990, when my Mama was 24, just like I am now!

Family Reunion 1990. Uncle Orvin, that precious little blondie is me, and Mama is holding cousin Hunter.

My sweet Granddaddy and my Mama, from way back in the day, circa 1990.

My Mama in 1990, pregnant with my little sister, Megan! And even though it looks like a nightgown, it's actually a maternity dress...or so I've been told at least. :)

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