Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pile Up the Joy

Some of the best things in life are often the smallest, most seemingly ordinary things. And sadly we don’t take the time to recognize those things or thank those special people in our lives.  Even “silly” things are sometimes instrumental in cheering me up or changing my attitude. And all the "regular" people in my life make me so happy. It’s so much nicer when I can actually recognize those things and people, take time to enjoy them, and make a small memory of something that made me happy.

When we take the time to Pile Up the Joy in our daily lives, we realize how much we're blessed with. Then those "bad" or annoying things in our lives are more tolerable, less stressful, and we have less of a reason to complain when things may not go our way. I wish everyone could be more in tune to things like that. I wish I could be more in tune to things like that. I think if we all were, each one of us would be happier, more joyful, less stressed, and more thankful for the tiniest of blessings.

Tiny things that brighten my day and bless my life might include:

The smell of coffee in the morning
A bright blue sky
Super sweet “good morning” texts from my super sweet boyfriend
A nice email at work from my Mama
Someone talking to me about my recent blog post, who I didn’t know even read my blog
Excited greetings from cute little doggies
A funny little sister who loves me so much
Compliments on my cute outfit or jewelry
Listening to a good CD repeatedly in my car
A loving Papa who comes to get the giant Palmetto bug out of my shower
That I am able to have my own iPhone-car-laptop-room-new bike-etc…
Grandparents who help me out constantly
Bike rides
Getting to be a part of the lives of some awesome teenagers
Movie rest night at the house with Jeff

And I could continue on and on with a much longer list...

The list isn't what's important though. What's important is that we (including myself), don't forget to recognize the mundane, daily things that add joy to our lives. So many of the tiniest blessings often get overlooked, because we don't realize they're actually blessings. And they are! We have sooooo so much to be thankful for. I know I'm going to take some time to thank my Lord for those small, tiny, awesome, glorious blessings. Because they truly do make a huge impact in my life!

And since I don't like posts without pictures, here are past pics of mine that represent the joy in my life.

My dear, sweet boyfriend Jeff.
My wonderful family.
My funny little seester :)

My bike that I love riding.
Beautiful blue skies.

Love and joy and blessings to each one of you :)

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Hope Baldwin said...

wonderful read Halie!!!