Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pullen Family Singers

**Apparently I'm incapable of summarizing my fun, so this is another long post...**

This past weekend Jeff and I took a trip over to Orange Park/St. Augustine for a crazy busy, but crazy fun, weekend. Unfortunately, Grandpa Pullen passed away the previous week, so on Saturday, they had a giant get together for the family memorial service to honor their Dad/Uncle/Grandpa/Brother/Great-Grandpa. So we made the trip too!

We took off work Friday to drive over, and spent some time with his family in Orange Park on Friday afternoon. They were all super nice, and we had a good time hanging out with them. Then we headed on down to St. Augustine to spend the evening with my friends! We met Cally, Dani and Jeannine at their house, and then went to dinner at The Back 40 Urban Cafe, one of my favorites. And it was absolutely delish. We stopped by Red Box on our way home to rent "It's Kind of A Funny Story," and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying movie rest time. Then we all went our separate ways to our own little beds!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at the oh-so-yummy Sea Oats Caffe on the island. We both had coffee and ONE chocolate chip pancake each. Why only one each you ask? Because these are seriously the biggest pancakes you've ever seen. In your life. They are the size of the plate, and about 1/2" thick! Super huge. And super delicious. We stopped by the dollar store for some fancy sunglasses for me after I broke my others, and a quick look into a bike shop next door. Then we headed back up to Orange Park for the memorial service.

It was again a great time spent with his family, and I really enjoyed meeting all of the Pullen's. The memorial was very touching, and I even teared up a little, even though I had never even met Grandpa Pullen. A few of them sang a few special songs, and the rest of the family joined in. And let me tell you - those Pullens can sing. We were all just sitting around the living room, and they sounded like a choir singing in 4-part harmony! It was like they were the von Trapp Family Singers from the Sound of Music or something! (Which by the way, the title up there is a word play from the movie...)

After the service, we had some lunch and put on our bathing suits for some pool time with the family! There were tons of kids, and it was fun to play in the pool with them! And actually, Jeff was acting like a little kid himself doing all sorts of tricks and dives and jumps and just having fun splashing everyone! We spent some more time chatting with family, and catching up with those he doesn't get to see very often, and had a good time.

Once everyone started heading out to go home, we packed up too and drove back down to St. Aug. I took the fastest shower ever, and was ready just in time to go to Mango Mango's with the whole group for dinner! It was so yummy, and we were very full. We went back to the girls' house, and enjoyed a fun game of 3 Round Charades! That game always makes me laugh so much, and this time was no different. Super fun and super funny.

Sunday morning, Cally made us pancakes for breakfast, and they were so yummy. Jeff and I got dressed, and drove to Crescent Beach to meet his brother Greg's family. We went on a short ferry ride to Fort Matanzas and got to spend some time exploring the little fort. Then we ate lunch back in St. Aug Beach at Sunset Grill, and went to the beach for a bit. Jeff and I then packed up all our stuff, changed clothes, and went downtown to explore St. George Street, ate yummy dinner at Cruiser's Grill, and got some "gourmet popsicles" from The Hyppo with my Groupon!

On our way home, we stopped to see Greg and his family again at their hotel, and then were finally on the road back to Tally. We listened to comedians on Pandora all the way home, and laughed like crazy at all the funny things. We finally got back late, and were both super exhausted.

Like I said before, the weekend was crazy busy, but it was also definitely crazy fun. I enjoyed meeting all of Jeff's family and getting to know them a little bit. And of course I loved spending time with all my amazing friends back in St. Auggie!

Cally, Dani, Jeannine, Jenni, Katie, Christina, Josh, Zach, Steven - you guys are way cool, and I'm glad I got to spend some time with yall, even it wasn't very much! But don't worry, we'll be back again soon, and it will be even more awesome! I Love yall so much, glad you're my friends. :)


Kaley Grant said...

You guys are pretty cute.

Halie Renee said...

Thanks Kaley! :)

Timbuckto said...

I give Halie all the credit for that... she's super cute!