Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prayers of Praise

I just want to take a brief minute to express my praise right now! I’ve just been thinking about it a lot this morning (cuz work is real slow and I have plenty of time to think), and am so thankful for a pretty great life that I have right now. Of course things aren’t always pretty and perfect, but it’s all in the perspective of things…
ONE – I have a wonderful family. Sure – they get on my nerves pretty often, but for the most part, they’re awesome and I love them so very much. And my parents are letting me live rent free right now, and still providing so much for me, so how can I complain about that?!
TWO – I am making some truly amazing friends here now. When I first moved back home last May, I left an amazing community of friends and believers behind in St. Augustine, and I miss them dearly. But God is placing people in my life right now who are quickly becoming awesome friends! I love hanging out with these people, and am so excited to continue to grow our friendships.
THREE – I have a job. Granted, it’s not one that I love and want to be at forever, but God is providing, and that’s all I need right now! I should just be grateful that I’m at least getting a great paycheck.
FOUR – I have lived another pretty fantastic year. My year as a 22-year-old had some pretty great memories: graduating with honors from college, vacation to NYC with three great women, an amazing road trip with eight of my best friends for two weeks, a new job, a new laptop, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, fun at FSU football games again, and so many other wonderful blessings. Thank you Lord for a great year! And now I’m ready to see what’s in store for my life as a 23-year-old, in just a few days!
So God – bring it on. With you by my side, a circle of support around me, and my heart tuned into you – I’m ready for another great year.
Love you friends.

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