Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potential Pianist

So I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions, well, because I think they're kinda dumb and pointless. I mean, who actually ends up keeping them all? And why can we only decide to do these things at the start of the New Year? Well, despite all that, I did actually do it this year - kinda. But instead of resolutions, I'm calling them GOALS. There are some serious things, and some fun things. But it's basically just a year-long To-Do List. Which I'm totally fine with - as anyone who knows my love for lists can attest to I'm sure. So I'm going to share them here, (a little late, yes, but at least it's happening!) And feel free to call me out if some of things don't get accomplished in the next 11-ish months!

  1. Start practicing the piano again - and get good at it again!

  2. Read 30 'fun' books - totally lost my zeal for reading this year

  3. Read 20 'spiritual'/'helpful' books - totally lost my zeal for reading this year

  4. Watch one movie a week (aka - keep up with Netflix) - CHECK

  5. Cook dinner for my family twice a month - CHECK

  6. Make a decision about Seminary - CHECK (not going for a least another couple of years)

  7. Find a new job - one that could actually turn into a career

  8. Weigh under ___ pounds - CHECK! (as of March 24-ish)

  9. Get back into the habit of reading my Bible regularly

  10. Learn to play the guitar - at least a little bit

  11. Buy a new computer - CHECK!

  12. Buy a 'big girl' camera - putting this off, cuz I got an iPhone instead!

  13. Visit Bridget in Ohio

  14. Blog twice a month - CHECK

  15. Maintain both checking and savings accounts at $_,000 - CHECK

  16. Go on another vacation with friends!

Seems like kind of a long list, but I think that I'm totally capable of these 16 things. Especially over the entire year. In fact, I'm pretty pumped about some of them. And I've already done one of them - I'm typing this on my new computer right now!!

I ask that you pray with me on the hard ones (#'s 6 & 7 especially please), and join with me on the fun ones. Wish me luck! Love yall.

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