Sunday, November 24, 2013


So Jeff and I finally got the chance to go to our first Florida State football game of the season. And it was just in time too, because it was the last home game of the year! My mother-in-law's boss had a couple of extra tickets, and he generously gave them to us, for free! So Saturday afternoon, we got dressed in our garnet and gold, and hopped on our bikes. We live less than two miles from the stadium, so it was perfect to ride our bikes down there, and avoid all the parking craziness. So that worked out perfectly.

The weather was pretty great, despite a few clouds. Our seats were up at the very top, but it they were actually pretty great! I enjoyed the view, and we had a great time watching the game from the stadium. It's just such a different experience than just being at home, watching it on the TV. Sitting in the stands with 84,000+ Seminoles, all cheering and screaming for our favorite team, is just so much more fun! Also, participating in "The Chop" and the fight song and all the other game day traditions are just wayyy better at Doak Campbell Stadium, rather than in your living room. Am I right?!

Anyways, we did other things this weekend, but all I have picture-wise is from the game, so we're going to leave it at that, and just do a photo dump from the game....

After the game, I didn't want to leave Prim at home alone any longer, so Jeff picked up Chinese food and grabbed "Bridesmaids" from Redbox, and we just vegged out on the couch all cuddled up together. We also saw "Thor" on Saturday morning (which was soo good - and thanks for that Mama!), and saw "We're The Millers" on Sunday at the cheap theater (which was so funny!)

After grocery shopping, I made potato soup for dinner on Sunday, and we watched quite a few hours of "Friends" throughout the whole weekend. (We started working our way through the series over the summer since Jeff hasn't seen it all, and we just started season six.) It was a nice couple of days, and now we only have a three-day work week - bring it on Thanksgiving! Yay, and Happy Monday!

Much Love,


Miranda said...

I was there too! So much fun. :) It was the only game I went to this season as well, and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be as much fun with playing a smaller team, but we had a blast! The weather was perfect too.

Brianne said...

Glad you had fun! Your nails looked super cute!!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

So jealous that you got to go to a game! Glad you had fun!