Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Polishing My Nails

I'm really into this whole "nail art" craze right now. Like, a whole lot. And I'm having so much fun with all the different options and things you can do! Sometimes they can be extremely elaborate, but sometimes it can be as simple as putting glitter on only one nail per hand. And then you're done. And it's still so stinking cute!

Check out these 4th of July nails I was rockin' for Independence Day a few weeks ago. This was actually super easy to do, and I was a bit obsessed with them, and also impressed with myself for making it look so nice. (At least in my own opinion I thought they looked pretty dang good!)

I also like to do some fun things on my toenails as well that correspond with my fingers. Like with the 4th of July nails, I just did red on all my toes, with white polka dots on the big toes. And for the ones below that are silver with big silver glitter, only the big toes got glitter, but they got a LOT of it. My big toenails kind of look like disco balls, and it's amazing and I love it. So here are just a few other examples of some of the "nail art" I've been proudly wearing lately...

These are older, and I think I've already blogged it, but oh well.

And just a couple of weeks ago, I ordered some simple nail art pens on Amazon. I got a set of five, and each one has a different sized tip on it, so you can do a variety of things with them. I can't wait to get them in, and get to try out some new things! I've been really wanting to do some stripes, but that's close to impossible without having the proper tools for that. Polka dots are super easy with a cut-off q-tip, but stripes are not so easy with only a q-tip!

My goal is to keep up with my nails, and not let them get all scraggley and gross looking. And hopefully I can re-do them every week or so, because I just have so many colors and combos and tricks I want to try! Can't wait to get my nail art pens in - maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be soon! (They're coming from China and they're suuuuuper slow...)

Happy days and pretty nails! Love to you all. :)


agapelife said...

good for you girl! I LOVE having brightly colored nails, but i HATE polishing them.
Brilliant job!

Nicole McKenzie said...

That's a huge downfall about my job. For me it's either French or nude but that's too much work so my nails never get to be painted. Oh well.

Dani said...

you are so adorable I can't stand it!