Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Proposal For My Sister

I'm sure most of you have heard by now via Facebook & Instagram (if you haven't, we're clearly not Facebook friends), but...MY BABY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!

Last night, her dear, sweet boyfriend fiance proposed to her after dating for 6 1/2 years.

He surprised her by showing up at her work (The Growing Room), and getting down on one knee right as she was locking up. He had arranged a couple of people to be there to document, and so there were two photographers and a videographer. (All people we know/go to church with.) I'm not sure exactly what he said to her, or how nervous he might have been, but I know Megan was shocked and thrilled that this was happening. She obviously said YES, and then excitedly told him he needed to hurry up and actually put that ring on her finger! :) The "paparazzi" spent a few minutes afterwards congratulating them with hugs and kisses and lots of smiles, and then Meg and Bo headed off. (Next six photos all taken by Jennifer Barineau.)

Megan thought Bo was taking her to a nice dinner for just the two of them. But what she didn't know was that 16 of her family and friends were already set up in a private dining room at Marie Livingston's Steakhouse with cake, balloons and presents, patiently super anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Cake made by the lovely Rachelle Scott! :)
When they finally got there, she was totally and completely surprised, and obviously over-the-moon elated. She wore a huge smile on her face, and a sparkly new ring on her left hand. We all swarmed around them to give hugs and to gawk at the beautiful bling she was so proud of. I may or may not have teared up a little, and I'm pretty sure my Mama may or may not have as well... ;)

We all had a wonderful time eating and talking and hanging out together. Before our food arrived however, Jeff and I coordinated the taking of take lots of family portraits with the newly engaged couple, and they all came out pretty great. (Here are a few.)

She is of course ready to start planning already, and I'm quite sure we will the second they get back from the cruise this weekend. (She is going with her future family for her future brother-in-law's high school graduation present.) I'm sure there will be new Pinterest boards popping up, as well as three-ring binders with clippings and photos, and maybe even a real-life bulletin board at the house to organize and plan all of the thoughts and ideas. And I for one am actually excited about it too!

I'm so happy for my baby sister. She is a real grown up now, I'm aware of that, but she'll always be my "Little." I love her with all my heart, and I'm so excited for her and Bo - not only for the next  year of engagement and planning - but for the rest of their sweet little lives together. I know they love each other, and will respect and care for each other. I thank God that he has placed a Godly man in my sister's life to provide for her, love her and protect her!

I love both of you so so so very much. And I'm so excited for this next part or your relationship journey. I'm also excited to be standing up there with you and be a part of your special day!!!

Love and happy wishes to everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post that brought me to tears Halie. The love that you and Meggie share is special and it shows through in every word that you wrote--every word that came from your heart. You both are my gifts from God--I am blessed beyond measure. I love you both with all of my heart and soul with a "millzion and millzion flowers that the world can't hold!"
Love, Mom

Dani said...

okay, so I am very happy for your sister! I love your joy as you talk about, too...but let's get real here. You are BEAUTIFUL in those pictures. I love youuuuuuu <3

Leslie said...

How cute!!! Your sister looks so happy!!