Monday, June 18, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

 Life is always crazy busy. Duh. We all know that right? I wish that my blog wasn't one of the things that got neglected though. Unfortunately it is, and that's OK, as long as I return to it when I can! So, I'm Playing Catch-Up today, and here are a few random things that have happened since my last real blog update...

Jeff and I went to pick up his sweet little boys, and they will now be spending four full weeks of their summer vacation here in Florida. (One week down, only three left as of now.) They both got new haircuts right before we picked them up, and they each love them. Gabe has also lost his first tooth! And of course Ryan is jealous and already anticipating when it will be his turn as well.

This past week, Jeff and his parents took the boys to Disney for a whole week! It was their first time, and the obviously loved every second of it. Check out the super cute video Jeff made of when he first told them about their trip, HERE on his YouTube Page. They had the park hopper passes, so they went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. I sadly missed out on all the fun and adventure, and I also just missed having them here!

I have found my new favorite dessert/snack/diet approved indulgence. And it's this glorious creation. Strawberries, blackberries, and a little drizzle of honey.It's so delicious, you get deceived into thinking you're eating something a lot more indulgent than it truly is. Which is awesome! I had this snack a couple of times for dessert this past week. I'm out of supplies now, but plan on buying more tonight at the grocery store.

This past week was VBS (Vacation Bible School) at my church - Bradfordville First Baptist. I hadn't been since 2008, because I always have big girl jobs now, so I unfortunately miss out on the fun. This year though, I took one morning off of work to head out there to check it all out. I stayed with the rising 6th grade group because they had so many kids. There were 38 of them the day I was there!! Whoa! Now we would just like even half of them to come join us for youth! They were of course wild and crazy and a little out of control, but what pre-teens aren't like that really? And that's just one of the reasons I love working with teenagers in the youth group. I think there were somewhere close to 300 kids, and about 75 youth and adult volunteers there for an incredible week, enjoying the Amazing Wonders Aviation! I had a crazy morning, but it was so fun and so worth it. I definitely want to take off more time next year to help out more!

 Then on Saturday morning, Mama, Megan and I woke up early-ish to go to Megan's first wedding dress appointment at a local shop, to be followed by a day of wedding dress shopping at a few other places. (Little did we know it would be the only day of wedding dress shopping!) I plan on doing a separate post all about this little trip either tomorrow or Wednesday, so for now I'll just say - she bought a dress already!! Speedy, right?! But the dress is beautiful and I know she'll look absolutely stunning in it on her big day.

Right after she just bought her wedding dress!! Love my "little" sister :)

And that bring us to Father's Day yesterday. Again, I wish my little blog didn't get neglected to much sometimes, because I was planning to do a special post for yesterday. Back in May, I did one all about my Mama for Mother's Day, and I wanted to do the same for my Papa. But unfortunately, it slipped through the cracks of this little noggin. The good news is though, Father's Day itself was certainly not neglected, and we took him on an adventure for his present!

For about two or three years he's really been wanting a kayak. Him and I even went around pricing them one day a few summers ago to see what kind of deals we could find. Since then, he would always mention it or ask for one, and we all just kind of joked about it or ignored the request all together.Well this past week, he again mentioned it to Bo (my sister's boyfriend whoops - fiance), and so we actually considered it as an option.So yesterday afternoon, we blindfolded him in the car, drove all around the city trying to trick him so he didn't figure out where we were going, and even led him blindfolded into the store. When we finally took it off of him, he was so very excited! And so now he has his very own kayak. He liked it so much actually, that he sat in it last night to watch the FSU baseball game, in the middle of our living room!

Please ignore our messiness... ok?

So here's a recap: cute boys, yummy fruit, VBS, Disney world, kayaks, wedding dresses, and more all in one week. It's tons of fun though, and I really do enjoy this great life I've been given! Tonight after work, we're taking the boys bowling with a couple of our friends and some other little ones as well. Going to be another crazy night, but it'll be oh-so-much-fun! Can't wait to spend more time with my sweet boyfriend and his incredibly cute twins :)

Love to everyone, and I'll catch ya later! :)

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