Thursday, October 6, 2011

Penguin On My Desk

Last week I moved into a new cubby at work. I have my own tiny little space now, and I don't even mind it's technically a cubicle. (I am in a long office, with two doors, split by a 5-foot divider and a bookshelf...) It's mine and it's private and I like it.

I have slowly been bringing in a few items every day in order to make it look a little cuter, and I just wanted to share this little guy, because he is way cute. And he of course goes along with my theme/title. His name is The Admiral, and I like having him on my desk. Now I just gotta get some polka dots up in this cube. Probably not gonna bring in any pasta to decorate with though...but definitely to eat at some point.

Peace, Love and Penguins ♥

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