Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretending to be Fashionable

Hi Friends!

Yall should all go over and check out my friend Maggie's blog. Why you ask? Because I made a guest blogging appearance on her blog! She went on vacation, and needed a few guest bloggers while she was gone, and she asked me to be one of them! What's strange for me is that she writes a fashion blog, and that's what I was supposed to write about as well. A totally new avenue for me.

And even though I was a little late turning it in, she still ended up needing it anyways, so I'm featured on her blog today! But you should not only read what I wrote. Read what Maggie writes too. Cuz she's pretty funny :) And she does wear some stinking cute clothes.

Love to everyone. Now visit Hook & Stylit to view my "fashion blog" and read more about Maggie's actual fashions! (And here's a preview of my favorite outfit that's featured in my fashionable blog post...)

1 comment:

maggie said...

Ahh I LOVE IT! Thank you little miss "Guest Blogger" for the shout out!