Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playlists and Randoms

I'm feeling pretty random here today guys.'re going to get a random splattering of all the things that might be rolling around in this little noggin of mine so far this morning! Get ready, because here we go ;)

Alright first of all, after reporting yesterday that I had hit a plateau with my weight loss, I need to announce some updates. I took all my measurements again last night, and since January 21, I've lost 9 more inches! (Between Jan. 1-21, I had already lost 8 inches!) So that is definitely a huge Non-Scale Victory! (NSV) But, I had also lost another pound this morning. Goodbye stupid Plateau! Get outta here. It's time we see other people.

So far this week, I have gone for a run Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday. And if it's not storming today between 5-5:30 (like my weather app says it should), I'm gonna run again right before Zumba! Who am I? Who is this girl that runs this much? I don't know, but I think I might be liking her! She's motivated like crazy and so determined. 

Man I look attractive after running...
Oh, and I decided on an official motto for myself on this journey: "One Pound at a Time." I wrote it down on the first page of my new fitness journal I'm keeping, and so I see it every time I open it up. (I use the 3 sections in the journal for: 1. measurements, progress and inspiring quotes, 2. workout tips & routines, and 3. healthy food ideas and recipes.) I'm not quite done doodling all over that page, but you get the idea at least :)

I haven't yet gotten my dear boyfriend any Valentine's Day presents yet. Oopsie! Last year I was just so on the ball with everything! I was probably done before February even started. I had even written 14 cute little love notes that he got to open every day leading up the the 14th! See? On the ball. This year, not so much...

But I am super excited for Valentine's Day! He's in charge of all the plans, so I have no idea what to expect. He told me he'd tell me when, and what to wear, but not until the day or so before. I do love surprises though, so I'm psyched! Can't wait to see what my cute freckled boy has up his sleeve!

And speaking of the day of love, there are a couple super amazing giveaways happening for Valentine's Day around blog-land. So far I've entered to win a KitchenAid mixer at Newlywed Moments and a Michael Kors watch at Wifessionals! I mean hello? Those are seriously awesome prizes, am I right here people?! 

Also, I want to make a super awesome playlist for my runs and hikes and stuff. But I want new music! So I need suggestions and ideas from you lovelies. What do you listen to when you work out? What would you recommend? I've got a $15 iTunes gift card just calling my name, and I'm ready to put it to good use. So let me know what you listen to, and what you think I should buy! (Note: I do NOT like hard rock...)

Image found HERE via Google Image search.

Well, I thought there were actually more random thoughts in this brain this morning, but it seems like that's all I've got. Although that seems like plenty so I guess we're good, and we'll end here! I hope y'all have a good Thursday. And get excited, because tomorrow's Friday! And don't even try to pretend like you haven't already been anticipating the end of another work week...

What random thoughts are in your head today?! Anything you want to share?


Anonymous said...

That weight loss is very impressive!
If you don't mind me asking (and I apologize if you've described this already; I'm a new-ish reader): Do you bother with counting calories? I am on the fence about it. I think it can help me gain a perspective of portion sizes. Yet I don't think that lower calories = more healthy.

Clara Schoen said...

Way to go girl!! Ok, random, but are you in Tallahassee at Leon high school? I had friends that both went to Lincoln and Leon! Small world!! Did you ever know the Donnelly's or Austin Zorn by chance?

Lauren Thomas said...

i've always been a fan of focusing on inches rather than scale numbers. the inches mean more!

ok so for playlist...mandisa has a remix ep album that has some great tunes to get you moving...and with a little jesus! ;)

pandora has added some new workout stations, so maybe listen to a few of those throughout the day to get some ideas.

you go girl!

JennaDK said...

here's a few that I'm loving right now!

nicki minaj- Va Va Voom

Pitbull & TRJ- Don't Stop The Party

Coldplay- Charli Brown

The Wanted- Chasing the Sun {Remix}

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Wanz- Thrift Shop

Fun & Janelle Monae- We Are Young {Remix}

Will.I.Am. & Britney Spears- Scream & Shout

One Direction- Live While You're Young {Remix}

Baby Got Back is a given

Ice Ice Baby

Eye of the Tiger

Cassandra Henri said...

WOW you are an inspiration! 9 inches holy moly! I love your motto too by the way. GO YOU!