Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn St. Pervert

As I read more and more of the scandal surrounding Penn State right now, I only get angrier and angrier. I am so wound up right now I can hardly form sentences or structure this post in a way that will make sense. But I'm so upset and confused and angry about it, I feel like a need to "rant" about it a little...

In case you aren't aware, yesterday, Wednesday, Joe Paterno was fired as the head coach at Penn State surrounding a sexual abuse scandal by one of his former assistant coaches - Jerry Sandusky. To read all of the story (and I think you should), click here. There are a lot of articles on it, but I think that's one that you can glean a lot of the main info from.
Here is my beef with all of this -
  1. Penn State fans and supporters are extremely angry over this as they feel an injustice to Paterno has taken place. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! The man knew that one of his former assistants, one of his FRIENDS, was sexually abusing children, and all he did was tell his boss. Sure he did what was "right" by college "rules," but what amazes me is that he knew about this for so dang long, and did nothing more to actually stop it. How could that not weigh over his head every day since then, knowing that it was most likely still happening?! The man DESERVES to have been fired. Give me a break.
  2. I just read where Sick Sandusky (name I just made for him) was meeting these children - through his own freaking "charity" - Second Mile - Providing Children with Help and Care. Um hello?!?!?! What in the world is going on here? Does anyone else not see the absurdity of this?! Sick Sandusky FOUNDED this charity!! I can't even talk about this point anymore. It's literally making me sick to think about it...
  3. Again, are we really trying to say Joe Pa was treated unfairly?! He not only knew of this sick behavior from Sandusky, but he was also aware of the foundation that he ran. Did Joe Pa see no issue with this? Did he think that it was OK for Sick Sandusky to be allowed free reign around children? Oh please. Paterno is obviously just as sick as Sandusky is.
  4. There are other officials at the school who have resigned, taken leave, been fired, whatever, because of their involvement or lack-there-of with this issue. But is that really all that's going to be done? I know some are being charged with perjury, but shouldn't some legal action be taken against Joe Pa as well??
I am quite worked up about the whole thing, and I'm sure I could ramble even more. But I'll stop it after this. What is wrong with the world? Why are we more concerned with protecting the reputation of a school than with helping save innocent children? Why are we so caught up in the legacy of a football team that heinous crimes are swept under the rug instead of bringing them into the light? It sickens me. I seriously can't even stand it.

It makes my heart hurt for these crazy people at Penn State. But even more so, it literally breaks my heart for those eight boys who had their innocence ripped away by a sick freak. I know it's not our job to judge and punish - the Lord will handle that in his own way - but I hope this man gets what he deserves here on earth. I hope Sick Sandusky rots away in a nasty prison cell...

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